Our spirit of discovery

Our very personal adventure began in 1999 – with biOrb WATER. An aquarium so beautiful that it passes for a design object, with underwater objects that are so intricate it’s as if they had been designed by nature itself. In the middle of our journey, we wanted to try out a new path, to experience something new. Maybe you know this feeling yourself from being on the road. We had succeeded in bringing the beauty of the underwater world into our own four walls and asked ourselves: what about the jungle? And you probably know the answer already: biOrb AIR.


On Thursday, 20 September 2018, the Design Center LeoLux will be celebrating autumn with the exclusive exhibition “Golden Leaves” from 5 p.m. onwards....

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Inspired by nature, staged by Samuel Baker: the English artist creates underwater sculptures for biOrb with a wonderful eye for detail. Samuel’s...

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Up to 16 colours enable you to create extraordinary lighting moods in your home. The illumination of the biOrb can be easily adjusted using a remote...

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